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30.12.2004 12:00 GMT

What you have been waiting for these last three months, your fondest desire has finally come true! Grab the Forgotten Hope 0.66 patch now!

FH 0.65 to 0.66 incremental patch
- Ampednews  
- Bart Meerseman  
- Boomtown  
- Filefront  
- Fileplanet  
- Fileshack  
- Forgotten Honor  
- Gockeltown  
- Torrent-Link  

You might want to have a look into the FH 0.65 to 0.66 changelog while downloading. There might be some doubleposts included and some features are missing but it should give a nice overview anyway.

And once your download is finished feel free to join up the server sponsored by FH 0.66 64 Slots @

For the real gameexperience nametags are off! And be sure to join up the the teamspeakserver to be able to communicate while being on the field! You can download the Teamspeakclient here.

Teamspeak IP:

Join FH-Fan Teamspeakserver

And maybe you find some time to visit our public forums where we'd like to welcome you to discuss the new release and its features.

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30.12.2004 10:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back folks! It's release time - at least for the serverversion. We know we are a few minutes late, but that's due to some maintenance problems.

But it seems we solved the problem - otherwise there would be no update. Now everything is just doing fine... Make sure to check back at 1100GMT ;)

First of all we have something for all people out here who are waiting for the clientfile. Hopefully your time of wait will be more enjoyable that way:
- Learn how to be a smacktard
- Learn how to be NO smacktard

Here are the links to the promised Serverfiles:

Linux Serverfile:
- Ampednews
- Boomtown
- Filefront
- Fileplanet
- Fileshack
- Forgotten Honor
- Serverstall
Windows Serverfile:
- Ampednews
- Boomtown
- Filefront
- Fileplanet
- Fileshack
- Forgotten Honor
- Gockeltown
- Serverstall

Good news already for all the gamers out there:
We already have at least one gameserver running for you provided by FH 0.66 64 Slots @

And for the real gameexperience nametags are off!

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28.12.2004 22:00 GMT

Hello folks and welcome back for another newsupdate of the Forgotten Hope Mod. Today we have the longest one ever. So let's start quick without too many words. So, it does not need to be longer than necessary ;)

First of all we have to show of some new content that made it into 0.66. Two interesting AT weapons will be available for use. The British No73 Thermos Flask Grenade by McGibs and the Japanese suicide bomb done by Aaron Ash and Lobo.

Furthermore we have a screensaver for you. That way you can enjoy FH art not only as wallpaper. You have to thank Lobo and Rad for the images and StrangerThanFiction for putting them together. You can download the file here.

Today is the day you waited for since 0.65 was released. We have to admit it took a lil longer than we expected. But we learned our lesson for the next time. And to ensure we are not the only ones who have learned something we have a we have employed a well known star today who will give you a lesson on how to play Forgotten Hope 0.66. Let's welcome Barney!

Lesson 1 - FH for Beginners

With Forgotten Hope 0.65 a few new features were implemented that you should actually know. But as we noticed on the forums many of you were not attentive to what the teachers said. So pay attention now and learn something!

Lesson 1.1 - Ballistics

Ballistics are the study of the movements and forces involved in the propulsion of objects through the air. In simple words, ballistics affect the trajectory of your projectile. What does that mean for you and especially your aiming?
First of all: The farther away your victim is the more the trajectory is affected. Due to earth's gravitational pull and aerodynamic resistance your projectile flies in a curve. The result is that you have to aim higher on long ranges.

Short distance Long distance

The second important thing you have to keep in mind is that the projectile has an initial velocity affected by the calibre of the weapon, as well as other factors. This value is important because it determines how fast your projectile reaches its destination and how much gravity and resistance will affect it. That's especially important with moving targets. You have to have to aim a little bit in front of your target, or, “lead“ the target. This effect might also be intensified by your ping. The higher it is the more you have to lead your target.


Lesson 1.2 - Tanksights

You think we removed the crosshair? You are right!
You think you can't aim anymore? You are wrong! We added tank sights to most tanks. So if you don't have a crosshair try pressing "ENABLE NOSECAM" (usually F9) and the sight should show up.


Lesson 1.3 - How to cap a flag

Forgotten Hope plays better in a team. Actually we don't want to see "one man armies" or "Rambos" around on the servers. So we implemented a little feature that forces both sides to operate in little squads, because some of the flags need more than one soldier to cap it. How many players are needed to take control over the outpost are shown on a sign at the mast of the flag.


Lesson 1.4 - 360° artillery

Artillery is unmovable at the moment? More or less actually. it is right that you are not able to move the stationary artillery from one location to another(that's the reason it's stationary :p) but you can turn the artillery 360°. To do that simply press the "MOVE LEFT" or "MOVE RIGHT" keys and the artillery will turn slowly but steadily.

Before After


Lesson 1.5 - Transportplanes

Transport planes have one special advantage: They can be used to build up the focal points of an attack very quick. But to be able to do that you need more than flying over. The door needs to be opened so your comrades can bail out. Sadly too few pilots did. In FH 0.65 the door is always open unless you close it. To do so press your "PRIMARY FIRE" key and hold it. Once you release the button the door will open again. Be sure to use that because otherwise your buddies might fall out of the plane before you gave them the green light.

opened door (standard) closed door (fire button triggered)

Lesson 1.6 - Parachutes

In the lesson before you learned how to use the transport planes correctly. Only thing you need to know now is how to use a chute and you a ready to start your paradropinvasion. Important is that the class you pick or the kit you pickup has a chute. Only thing to do then is to press the "OPEN PARACHUTE" key once you are bailed out. The following symbol in the classmenu shows wether the class has a chute or not.


Lesson 1.7 - Weaponkits

We just spoke about weaponkits with the lesson about parachutes. But there are many more kits. Some of them are placed apparent on the map - others are hidden more or less as a goody (like the StG44ZF). You can pickup a kit by using the "PICKUP WEAPON" key. Watch out for packages looking like these:

Example 1: Sniperkit Example 2: Pilotkit Example 2: StG44 Kit

Within some kits you get deploayable weapons. To place it simply choose it from the weaponsselectionmenu and press the "PRIMARY FIRE" button. You can use the weapon afterwards by using the "ENTER VEHICLE" key. To pick the weapon up again exit it and go next to it. An ammunition symbol will appear and you will pick up the weapon automatically.

Lesson 1.8 - Random Handweapons

Some classes are equipped with random heandweapons. That means you get a weapon by chance. The tank commander class p.e. will wether get a pistol or a smg. To see if your pick is equipped with a random weapon watch out for the following icon within the weapon selections menu:

Lesson 1.9 - Firemodes

Some weapons have alternate firemodes. That applies to handguns and stationary weapons.

a.) Handweapons
If your handweapons has different firemodes for you to choose you can select the one you want within the weapons selection menu.

Satchels have two different fuses - 5 seconds and 10 seconds. But be careful: No fuse works 100% precisely. That means that the 5 second variant actually has a fuse time between 4 and 6 seconds and the 10 second version's time is somewhere between 9 and 11 seconds.

And don't forget: Different firemodes does not mean that they use different ammunition! They share the same ammo!

b.) Stationary weapons
If a stationary weapon allows you to select a different ammunition type you can change the mode by pressing "MOVE FORWARD" or "MOVE BACKWARDS" key. A small indicator will show which shell is selected at the moment.

Antitank shell selected Antiair shell selected


Lesson 1.10 - Ammoboxes and their limits

Ammunition is always limited--it doesn't matter which type. Use the reserves in your ammoboxes wisely and try to use other ways to rearm. Read Lesson 1.14 for more informations on how to rearm without an ammobox.


Lesson 1.11 - Minefields

Minefields were pretty common in WW2. Good luck for you is that warning signs will help you to avoid them.

Lesson 1.12 - Seaplanes - catapult start and spotter

Some ships have planes for reconaissance. These planes need a catapult to start. To activate it press "SECONDARY FIRE" once the engines are running at 100%. After the plane takes off "SECONDARY FIRE" will have another function:
Artillery targets can be assigned.


Lesson 1.13 - Flaps on Vehicles

Some vehicles have flaps that protect the cargo while driving. These flaps can be lowered/raised with the "OPEN SCUTTLE" and "CLOSE SCUTTLE" keys.

Raised flaps Lowered flaps


Lesson 1.14 - All about truckin'

Trucks are well known as vehicles with the ability to transport everything. That's the reason Forgotten Hope has many variants including troop transports in combination with ambulance and ammunition trucks.

Trooptransport Ambulance Ammunition


Lesson 1.15 - StuG Commander

The german Sturmgeschütz has a real weakness: The drivers view is very limited.
But the Sturmgeschütz also has a real strength: The commanders hatch!
Pressing key "3" will get you into that position and allow you a 360° view and the abilitiy to assign artillery targets.

Commander's hatch view Artillerytarget assigned


Lesson 2 - FH for Professionals

Let's head to lesson 2. Have a closer look because new features of 0.66 will be introduced. And what you miss now might be the reason for losing your life on the field.

Lesson 2.1 - Cargoships

Cargo ships are more or less useless within a battle? That was before 0.66! They have now the ability to repair and rearm all the naval vessels on your side. Use them wisely because a naval battle might be decideded by how you use them!


Lesson 2.2 - Mortars

We guess all of you hate mortars, as they were quite useless within 0.65 and were part of the reason that the Pacific maps weren’t working properly in 0.65. But believe us: You will love them within 0.66!
The only hurdle you will have to get used to the aiming. Looking down will increase the mortar’s range et vice versae.


Lesson 2.3 - Special Kits

a.) Call Airborne Reinforcements
With this kit you can call a transport plane as mobile spawnpoint. When you select it from your weapons selectionmenu and press the "PRIMARY FIRE" key you will find yourself in the pilots position. You can steer the plane you called with the "MOVE LEFT" and "MOVE RIGHT" keys.
A special version of this kit is the Waco version where your buddies who spawn in the plane can take control and pilot themselves to their desired destination.

Weaponicon Pilotview Minimap with Waco Waco

b.) Call Air Support
Using the remotebomberkit you will find yourself in a bomber with a bombingsight. You can steer the plane you called with the "MOVE LEFT" and "MOVE RIGHT" keys. The height of the plane depends on the angle you choose with the binocs when calling it.
Be careful when exiting the plane because you will be pushed forward a little bit. That might cause you to fall to your death if you are in certain locations.

Weaponicon Bombingsight

c.) Japanese Suidice Kit
This class will give you a TNT charge that you can use for a kamikaze attack. And this charge is fully loaded. Don't try this at home kids and be sure there are not too many of your buddies around - otherwise the game might be over faster than you think because you get kicked from the server for too many TK's ;)

Weaponicon 1st Person 3rd Person


Take care of what you have learned and use the knowledge wisely. It might serve you well on the battlefield. And you will need it soon. And this time soon means tomorrow! But before we talk too much - here is the release time of the Forgotten Hope Mod version 0.66:

Forgotten Hope 0.66 Linux Server (Full): 133 MB December, 30th at 0900 GMT
Forgotten Hope 0.66 Windows Server (Full): 116 MB December, 30th at 0900 GMT
Forgotten Hope 0.66 Windows Client (Update from 0.65): 288 MB December, 30th at 1100 GMT

NOTE: FH 0.65 is still required! FH 0.66 is only a patch!!

Anyone who wants to provide us with a mirror is welcome to contact ArminAce via email ( with the subject "Want to provide FH Mirror". The more mirrors we have the better. So don't loose any time. Release is close.

Be sure to check out tomorrow's newsupdate to be able to get your copy of Forgotten Hope 0.66. And feel free to stop by our public forums to discuss this one. And rember that the Teamspeakserver is available 24h a day - and with a little luck you might find a dev who can answer some questions. ;)

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26.12.2004 22:00 GMT

Welcome back folks for our regular update. Before we start showing off new stuff we would like to mention two things:

First of all the Forgotten Hope Mod enlisted with the Mod Database. If you would like to vote for FH as your favourite mod you can do so here. With your help we might win the Golden Spanner Mod Awards 2004.

Second point to mention today is a new movie made with Forgotten Hope. It is called "Heinz and Werner 2" and we bet you will have a good laugh while watching it. Its size is 283MB and it has an overall playtime of  ~25 minutes. If you are interested you can download the movie at Filefront.

And now it's once again time for one of our special weeks dedicated to one topic:

The Panther Week!

Thx to McGibs we have an awesome header for this week's update. GI_JOEJK spent lots of time to create a horde of warbeasts. We thought that you would appreciate to have 0.66 sooner with less content so we decided not to add any more stuff (for sure we did not forget what 0.66 is supposed to be). That's the reason Panther A and Panther G won't be included in the upcoming release while the Panther D and the Jagdpanther will be part of 0.66 already.





Such beautiful eyecandy deserves a wallpaper - anything else would be heresy. Here you go with Lobo's newest composition.


That's all for this weekend folks, stay tuned for a 0.66 releasedate announced this week and be sure to discuss this news in our public forums.


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23.12.2004 22:00 GMT

The year 2004 is fading to its end. It's chrismas time folks! The Forgotten Hope Developer Team wishes you a pleasant celebration and some time to relax. If you don't know how to put up your chrismastree our Iwo Jima guys might help you out:

For today's newsupdate we would like to present you some "brand-new" stuff. Last time we introduced the Sherman POA. This time we'd like to showcase the Soviet T34 and T34/85 flamertanks, which will melt away the Siberian winter and make the Germans working up a sweat.



And to ensure everyone of you gets at least one present we have some stunning wallpapers done by Lobo for you.

Do Broni Pour la France!

Download the whole pack

That's all for this update. Once again thanks to all of the fans out there playing the mod. Be sure to stop by our public forums to discuss this news update.

And don't forget: the Forgotten Hope Santa will have something for you soon ;)

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19.12.2004 22:00 GMT

Nice to have see you are visiting our homepage for this week's update. For today, rather than showing one particular group of things we have some assorted stuff. Many people will be curious about which maps will be included with the official Fan Map Pack #2. Our initial evaluations have been made and we are ready to announce the maps that will participate in the 2nd round. Evaluation criteria have been the visual impression, performance, tactical gameplay (meaning balance, flow, etc.) and the quality of the general idea for the map.

Qualified for 2nd round of rating:
- Battle_for_ortona
- Burma
- Chartres
- Nuenen 1944
- Road_To_Ramelle
- Tali Ihantala
- Trois_Ponts

We hope the mappers whose maps did not make it into the 2nd round of rating are not disappointed. The Forgotten Hope Development Team would like to thank you for taking part in that contest and we really hope to see more of your maps in the next contest!
For the mappers whose maps made it into the next round, you will have another 2 weeks to overwork your map and tune it up a little bit. To be able to adjust your the maps to the upcoming version you will receive access to the latest internal betatest version. So don't lose any time and catch up with ArminAce. Afterwards we will playtest the maps once more, the winner will be declared, and he will be able to claim his prize:

He may request a static and vehicle which will be content of on of the upcoming Forgotten Hope release versions (not the Panzer III though :p) that he may use for one of his next maps. This must be a vehicle or static that could actually have been found on a Second World War battlefield, and must be of a reasonable scope (i e, a building, not a whole town). We reserve the right to turn down any request that we consider unsuitable or unreasonable, but we do not expect that there will be any problem, as long as the winner does not go off the deep end.  

For the mod development progress we would like to inform you about some stuff that has been completed in the last couple of days. First of all, a feature that was originally suggested in the forums made so much sense that we decided to include it. All the flag icons on the minimap have been provided with a transparency effect for 0.66.

But that's enough of text-only information. We also have some images for you. The good old Piat got a new face thanks to McGibs who redid the whole model.

And last but not least another suggestion out of the forums becomes real. It's getting hot with the Sherman POA, the US flamethrower tank used in the Pacific during WW2.




We're very grateful you decided to stop by the site and check on our progress, be sure to visit by our public forums and discuss this news update. The release date will be announced very soon so come back next week for another news update from Forgotten Hope.

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12.12.2004 22:00 GMT

Welcome back for another interesting week folks. Today we like to show off some stuff for the Pacific theater, that should be back in working order, without any restrictions for the upcoming release, as well as a few new things.

But first of all it is time for something special. Besides exams I undertook a special project and, with a little help from StrangerthanFiction, managed to get finished just in time. Our suprise for today is a teaser movie for Forgotten Hope 0.66. The file is ready for download at our German sponsor which is worth a visit. Hopefully you will get an impression of the exciting Pacific battles coming up.


If you haven't stopped reading because of the trailer we have some more stuff to show. For an infantry army like that of Imperial Japan, small arms are especially important. Today we present the Type 97 grenade designed by McGibs as a toy for you to play with in the upcoming battles.

As in weeks past, we have a new map to showcase. Amid much heated discussion, we would like to present Battle Isle, created by Armin Ace. The map is set in part of the of Leyte campaign, in the year 1944 on one of the smaller islands near the Philippines. The US troops have just disembarked on the island and are face to face with two enemies - the Japanese Army and the dense jungle.






We hope you enjoyed this update. Please come back next week for another update of Forgotten Hope, and feel free to do so on the Teamspeak server or our public forums.

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02.12.2004 22:00 GMT

Hello everyone! We hope you are not too startled by this special update. Today we would like to give you some more information about the progress of Fanmappack #2. So here is a list of the maps that have been sent in (only 22 because one had an 001.rfa so it showed 23 items in my folder).

- Alpine Assault
- Battle for the Scheldt
- Burma
- Chartres
- Crimea
- El Guettar
- El paso de los lobos
- Front Stalingrad 42
- Kanev
- King of the hill
- Nuenen 1944
- Nuenen
- Operation Sea Lion
- Operation Sylt
- Overlord
- Ramelle
- Road to Ramelle
- Tali Ihantala
- The Farm
- Tormenta de Acero
- Trois Points
- Villers Bocage

There is no winner yet but I can already inform you that Front Stalingrad 42 and Kanev have been disqualified because of using prohibited content (symbols or sounds). Maybe one of these maps will make it anyways if it is very good. We would remove forbidden content then in agreement with the creator. The rating is nearly finished though and Fan Mappack #2 will be available for download soon and the winner will receive his prize.

Furthermore we have really good news for you. sponsored a Teamspeak server for us that is now available for all of you. Use it to meet people from the community, just have a nice talk or enter the battlefield together. Feel free to join whenever you want at:

Teamspeak IP:

Join FH-Fan Teamspeakserver

FH-Fan Teamspeakserver German login

FH-Fan Teamspeakserver English login

FH-Fan Teamspeakserver French login

FH-Fan Teamspeakserver Polish login

FH-Fan Teamspeakserver Spanish login

FH-Fan Teamspeakserver Swiss login

FH-Fan Teamspeakserver Turkish login

FH-Fan Teamspeakserver International login


Although we have no further mod development information for you today we hope you liked that update. Feel free to discuss it in the forums or on the Teamspeak server.

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01.12.2004 22:00 GMT

Greetings to you all! We would like to start this news update with some general information. As you might know a new patch for Battlefield 1942 has been released this week and some of you might be concerned about its affect on the the release date of Forgotten Hope 0.66. For now we have not found any problematic issues so we are still confident that we will be able to release the patch this month. If that's not good news... ;)

Before we reveal our latest news update we would like to inform you that a new season has started at Forgotten Hope Warzone. They are currently looking for German-speaking players who would like to play in their campaign as an allied soldier. All you need to join them is BF 1942, Forgotten Hope 0.65 and interest in team play and tactics. But read for yourself what FHW has to say:

The campaign we've just started puts us in battles against the Axis on every official FH map and also on unofficial maps our modders created exclusively for FHW. We don't play the same maps one after another. Instead, the right of who advances to where is changing every week. That way, the staff can decide where the next battle is to take place. At this time, the Axis are advancing in Africa and the Allies are trying to conquer Karelia. To keep the Axis from gaining a second front against Mother Russia, we need more soldiers.

To manage our battles we use the Warplanner. After you have signed up, you will gain access to it. That allows us to plan the events better. The battles will take place on Sundays at 5 pm. Training sessions will be on Fridays and Saturdays at 7.20 pm.

If you want to know more, you can always visit us at our 64 slot server ("FH Warzone Public 0.65" on and enjoy playing there! The campaign matches are held on an independent campaign server with another 64 slots.

For more answers visit our Homepage at The page is still under construction but nearly finished. There, you'll find the link to the forum where you can join us and start a career at our army. Be it in a tank, an airplane or in the infantry... the choice of weapon is all yours!

We'd recommend you to have TeamSpeak available. And, although neither headset nor microphone are necessary, they sure help in the thick of battle. :)

And now let's head to the real news update for today. Last week we showed off the French army fighting on the Western Front - today we would like to present to you the Polish reinforcements that will arrive on the battlefield in 0.66!!

We have the Polish grenade wz. 1924 done by Montoya which will be a great help in clearing houses and bunkers.

Heavy air support has arrived, in the form of the PZL 37 Los medium bomber, another sweet model from Montoya. Thx to Montoya again the Polish armor will have the TKS tankette available for whatever is left by the bombers- armed with MG or 20mm cannon.


And as you can see with the next two ground vehicles, Montoya has been really busy lately. The wz. 29 Ursus and the C7P artillery tractor will provide additional light armored support.


With all this stuff the Polish Army might have a better chance to stop invading Axis forces. The German attack is heading deeper into the country to gain control over the important industrial areas. In the new map Eastern Blitz, that was designed by Armin Ace, you will be able either to try to stop the invaders or help the Wehrmacht to seize the Polish industrial centres.






We would like to thank for your interest and would be glad if you would have a look next week when it's time for another update. If you want to discuss this one you are welcome to do so in our public forums.

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