Q:What is Forgotten Hope 2?
A:Forgotten Hope 2 (FH2) is a modification for the game Battlefield 2 (BF2). Its aim is to transform the game into a historically accurate and more realistic World War 2 scenario. The latest version of FH2 contains more than 30 maps, over 50 weapons and 75 vehicles and much more. For a more detailed description of what FH2 is see our about FH2 section.

Q:What is the latest version of FH2 and where can I get it?
A:Forgotten Hope 2 is installed via the "FH2Launcher". This means you will receive a notification, if a more recent version of FH2 is available. You can find installation instructions and download link in our website's downloads section.

Q:Will there be more updates for FH2 in the future?
A:Of course. We are constantly working to add more things to FH2. In addition to our latest Ardennes Offensive Release, we have been working on the Russian Front as well for quite some time already. Which other campaigns we might be working on will be announced later.

Q:Is there a list of all the stuff in FH2?
A:You can view all maps, vehicles and weapons of the latest FH2 version and upcoming versions under the 'info' section to your left.

Q:What does "UPCOMING" mean after a weapon or vehicle's name?
A:The little sign means that this weapon or vehicle isn't in the latest version of FH2, but it will be added in at a later point.

Q:I have a problem installing / running FH2, can you help me?
A:We have a Help / Support forum section dedicated to helping people fix their problems with FH2. Before you make a new thread be sure to check out the sticky threads and do a forum search for your problem. Chances are someone else has had the same problem in the past.

Q:I think I found a bug, who should I contact?
A:You can post your bug in our Bug Reporting forum section. Be sure to check if your bug hasn't been posted already.

Q:How do I join FH?
A:Can you mod? Although we may generally not have any official openings, we are always willing to consider and review people's work - be it their maps, models, skins or animations. We obviously do not guarantee success, but new material is always welcome, particularly in "unpopular" areas such as coding or animations. So don't be afraid to show your work. Contact information can be found in the staff section.
But just to ensure: We don't need anyone to make screenshots or wallpapers for us...

Q:Can I be a betatester?
A:Sorry, but we have enough betatesters already. On that note, we advise everyone to sign up on our public forums, be active, and above all be polite. When we do need more betatesters we will look at all these qualities and make a decision.