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World at War

    No longer active World at War -
    The World War Tournament features a large international community that plays FH2 the way it was meant to be played: as a team. Use TeamSpeak2 and authentic chains of command to achieve victory on the battlefield.
    Sign up and become part of a division and fight your way across many new custom maps every week, striving towards the ultimate goal of total victory.

    What can the World at War Tournament offer you?
    • Massive 11-hour 64-player engagements every Saturday.
    • A complete gaming experience. Relive World War II as if you were there. Earn badges, medals and promotions and rise from an enlisted man to become and officer and lead your troops.
    • Coordinate with your company brothers in arms on the battlefield using TeamSpeak 2 technology. A microphone is recommended but not mandatory.
    • Best of all: WaW is completely free! Join up today and play FH2 the way it was meant to be played.