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13.09.2022 18:08 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update.

We are pleased to announce that Forgotten Hope 2.63 is now live! You can download it by starting the Launcher. New and returning players can download the launcher from our downloads page. We hope to see you on the battlefield!

We'd like to thank everyone who turned out for our Eastern Front Event and who gave feedback on the 3 beta maps that were included. We picked up a lot of useful information on all 3.

This update is the final part of some fixes and features that were slated for inclusion in the Event Patch. Most notably:

    Defenders in maps with dynamic out of bounds zones will now see exactly how long they have before the playable area shifts while they are in the zone that will be affected

    The time before the defender's out of bound zone shrinks has been increased

    Changes to the handling of machineguns and pistols following the previous recoil fix

    The Browning Automatic Rifle now uses the firerate selection to switch rate of fire, instead of switching to the other weapon slot

You can see the full list here. We hope to see you on the servers soon!

That's all for this week, but be sure to come back next time for another update. Until then, feel free to visit our Discord, our public forums, our Twitter, our subreddit, and/or Facebook pages to discuss this update and other news.

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13.09.2022 18:00 GMT


It's here! The long waited and highly acclaimed Pacific theatre is back for another CMP Campaign.

Over 12 battles you'll be able to play battle tested classics mixed together with brand new maps that have never been played before.  If you've missed the Pacific theatre, grab this opportunity, and enjoy great content only available in CMP's custom FH2 campaigns.

Get your gaming gear ready for the hot jungles, muddy terrain and shark infested waters of the
Philippines , Guadalcanal , Roi-Namur , Henderson , Peleliu , Kwajalein and other beautifully designed maps.

Experience brutal battles, organised amphibious attacks, total carnage, outstanding gameplay and the best Forgotten Hope 2 Teamwork there is.

What are you waiting for?
Click the sign-up button, choose your regiment and  join this amazing campaign!




In This FH2 Campaign You Will Experience:

rsz_5-star-icon.png.83daa906473dc5a9b870afcc1c51a5f2.png FH2 non-stop action to its limits, close rounds, amphibious attacks, efficient organised defences and the exhilaration of being victorious.
rsz_5-star-icon.png.83daa906473dc5a9b870afcc1c51a5f2.png 12 battles in the Pacific with custom content and maps you won't play anywhere else.
rsz_5-star-icon.png.83daa906473dc5a9b870afcc1c51a5f2.png Train and prepare yourself for every battle with your regiment on our training server.
rsz_5-star-icon.png.83daa906473dc5a9b870afcc1c51a5f2.png Fight in battles with up to 100 players.
rsz_5-star-icon.png.83daa906473dc5a9b870afcc1c51a5f2.png Earn promotions and brand new medals for your achievements.
rsz_5-star-icon.png.83daa906473dc5a9b870afcc1c51a5f2.png  Communicate directly with your squad using Teamspeak and apply well planned strategy and tactics not seen on any public servers.
rsz_5-star-icon.png.83daa906473dc5a9b870afcc1c51a5f2.png Form new friendships with like-minded people from all over the world. 

Taking part is completely free and everybody is welcome!

Click below to join the Campaign

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