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26.09.2017 14:02 GMT

Welcome to the second Forgotten Hope 2 CMP Gaming Campaign.
In this campaign you will have the pleasure to fight on brand new and also established and balanced maps

Wage battle on the fields of Nietyärvi and Strongpoint Joki . Drive your tanks and planes in Meuse River and Siegfried Line. Prepare yourself for intense and bloody infantry fights on Elsenborn Ridge and Westwall among many others.
You willl have to test your skills and teamwork on 9 custom maps specifically made and edited for this campaign

What Is CMP-Gaming?

CMP-Gaming means Collaborative Multiplayer Gaming.  The community was founded to provide common home for the FH2 Community Map Pack, as well as a brand new tournaments run by people who have decade long experience of hosting them. Click the link below for more information:

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