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29.08.2009 18:55 GMT

Today, we have a short advertisement from one of Forgotten Hope's leading player-run tournaments, Forgotten Honor. They are running three custom maps set in beautiful Italy, but only for this weekend. Check out the advertisement below.

Play three of Forgotten Honor's custom Italy maps which have been played last campaign.

Download, install and play.

No registration or requirements are needed, just join the server and enjoy Cassino, Ortona and Anzio battles.

Saturday, August 29 @ 19 GMT (20 BST, 21 CET)
Sunday, August 30 @ 19 GMT (20 BST, 21 CET)
Maps: Breakthrough at Cassino, Ortona and Anzio
Server IP:

Download links:




Want to know more about Forgotten Honor?

Forgotten Honor is an international online community of players, created by players, run by players and maintained by players. We enjoy providing gaming experiences by organizing events and campaigns.

Be sure to check out our public forums to discuss this advertisement amd other news.

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20.08.2009 23:45 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. We have quite a lot to show today, but first we would like to welcome yet another developer to the team. FatJoe has been a betatester for Forgotten Hope for a very long time and he has done many of our promotional images and even some vehicle skins. Now, he is officially developer. Welcome FatJoe!

You may have already guessed the first of our renders today, as this vehicle was added to the website's 'vehicle' section last week. Of course, you could only see a small picture then, now you have the full resolution render of the M4A1(76)W Medium Tank. It was modeled and skinned by Toddel.

The M4A1(76)W Medium Tank is quite like the regular M4A1 Sherman in most respects, but it has one major advantage - its 76mm M1 gun. Firing the same projectiles as the M10 Tank Destroyer, but using a different casing, the 76mm M1 gun had penetrating capabilities comparable to the 85mm gun on the Soviet T34/85. This large improvement over the regular 75mm Shermans and even the M10 meant that this Sherman was much more of a match against the heavy German Panthers, which were very common in Western Normandy.

The next render is of the American AN-M14 Thermite Grenade and it was made by Toddel.

These Thermite Grenades are the ones that were used to disable the guns at Pointe Du Hoc. They entered service in 1943 and are still being used by the US armed forces today (though with a different thermite compound). The thermite reaction causes no explosion, so it can be used quietly. Instead, the reaction creates such high temperatures that the metal parts of whatever is being disabled are welded together. Disabling an artillery piece with one of these grenades can be done in various ways; The grenade can be inserted into the breech, making it impossible to load. Another way is to drop it down the muzzle, where it ruins the barrel, causing any rounds that are fired to get stuck and blow the gun to pieces. One last way to disable the gun, is to use the thermite reaction to weld together the traversing and elevation mechanisms, making it impossible to aim the gun.

Although our betatesters are always working hard to make us get rid of all the bugs, here's one that we think they won't mind. The Volkswagen Beetle, imported from Forgotten Hope 1.

Our final item of today is seventh and last map of Forgotten Hope 2.2. There are, of course, many more maps being worked on, but they will not be ready in time for the coming release. This map is about Operation Totalize and it was made by Fenring.

Operation Totalize was the breakthrough attempt of the Canadian First Army towards the city of Falaise on August 8th. After the success of Operation Cobra and the American advances to the west, the British and Canadians were desperately trying to break through the German lines to cut off their route of retreat and encircle the German Seventh Army. Although the Canadian forces had tried to break the German lines before, in Operations Atlantic and Spring, these efforts had been unsuccessful. Operation Totalize wasn't as much a success as the Allied planners had in mind, but it certainly accomplished more than the previous attempts. In just five days, the Canadian forces had advanced 14 kilometres, stopping only 11 kilometres short of Falaise. Operation Totalize was immediately followed by Operation Tractable (starting August 14th), which again brought the allies to the outskirts of Falaise and much closer to cutting off the retreating German army.

As usual, you can find this map's minimap in the 'maps' section in the menu to the left.

We also have an advertisement for the new World At War Campaign.

Do you want to play Forgotten Hope 2 with an organized team? Tired of the same old random battles on public servers? Seen enough teamkilling smacktards for a lifetime? Had enough of the old desert sands and looking for a change of scenery? Do you want to be part of a thriving community of diverse gamers that includes players from around the world: from the Canada to Australia, from the Netherlands to Hungary, from the USA to Sweden. Look no further than World at War.

The World at War Tournament has been producing the best team play on the Battlefield platform for over six years and is proud to welcome you to our 19th campaign. This campaign is set to bring many changes to the gameplay and will provide you with excellent new maps and a growing arsenal of custom weapons and equipment.

In this campaign of World at War, the British Forces have mobilized Battlegroup 58 "Blackadder" to defend the Empire and defeat the Axis forces across Europe. On the Axis side the Italians are entering the fray and launching the 57th Libiche Divisione di Fanteria "Sibelle" to conquer the continent and form Italy's own empire. Both divisions are led by experienced WaW players that will strive for victory with you at their side. Together with your officers and NCOs, you will develop true camaraderie as part of a friendly and helpful community without the obligations of a clan.

Will you be fighting under the banner of the Italian "Sibelle" Division or will "Blackadder" be your battle cry when going into battle for the Commonwealth?

What can the World at War Tournament offer you?

  • Massive 11-hour 64-player engagements every Saturday. Fight when you want, for as long as you want. Organized engagements enable you to play the game the way it was meant to be played.
  • A complete gaming experience. Relive World War II as if you were there.
  • Start as an enlisted soldier and work your way up the historical ranks to fight and lead as an NCO or even an officer. Work as part of your unit complete with a chain of command. Earn badges and authentic medals and make your mark on WaW history. Intuitive strategies and battle preparations make the World at War tournament a unique experience.
  • Fight as part of an entire war by battling on hand-picked and optimized maps as part of our new linear campaign. Expect many full scale combined arms engagements. Each battle plays a vital part to your team's ultimate victory, right down to the very last round.
  • Coordinate with your company brothers in arms on the battlefield using TeamSpeak 2 technology. A microphone is recommended but not mandatory. You will feel the tension as you coordinate the assault with air, land and artillery assets or as you prepare for the enemy counter-attack.
  • Experience varied gameplay with and without spawnable FH2 squad leaders. We are bringing back the tactical fighting as seen in FH1 where you have to rely on your squad mates to stay alive and work together.
  • Use new custom equipment created by the WaW community: from bridges and bunkers to AA trucks and the PzKpfW III E
  • Best of all: WaW is completely free! Join up today and play FH2 the way it was meant to be played.

That's all for now, but be sure to come back later for another update. Until then, feel free to visit our IRC channel and our public forums to discuss this update and other news.

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06.08.2009 13:30 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. Today we have 2 renders and a whole bunch of in-game screenshots on the menu, but before we move on to those, we would like to welcome another new developer. Winterhilf will be helping us out by developing the singleplayer mode for our maps. Welcome Winterhilf!

On to the renders. First, we have the British Achilles (shown here with a Canadian skin). It was modeled and skinned by Agus.

The Achilles was little more than an M10 with a 17 pounder gun, rather than the standard (and much weaker) 3 inch gun. During the course of the war, some 1100 were converted, but only 125 were ready in time for D-Day. Unlike the Americans, who used their M10s as tank hunters, the British used the Achilles as mobile anti-tank gun. After a position had been taken over by infantry, the Germans would often mount an immediate counter-attack, so there would not be enough time to set up a 17 pounder artillery gun. With the Achilles, a powerful gun could be rolled into place to stop the German tanks. In this defensive role it also suffered less from its poor armour, as it nearly always got the first shot.

The next render is of the German Wirbelwind (Whirlwind) and it was made by Toddel, Jodonnel and Rad.

As the Germans lost their air superiority halfway through the war, their interest in self-propelled anti-aircraft guns grew stronger. In early 1944 this resulted in the M÷belwagen, a Panzer IV with, instead of a turret, a 37mm FlaK. This design was, however, only a stopgap until a better design was developed. In May 1944, the better design first rolled out of the factory. This model was called the Wirbelwind (Whirlwind) and it was armed with a 20mm FlaKvierling. Unlike the M÷belwagen, it had a permanent 9-sided armoured 'box' around the gun to protect the crew. This 'box' was open at the top, as the gun produced too much smoke for it to be closed. Either 87 or 105 were produced (the Wehrmacht service records and factory production records list different numbers). It was eventually replaced in late 1944 by the Ostwind, which was armed with a more powerful 37mm FlaK.

Finally, we have some in-game screenshots. The two below show the Stuka-zu-Fu▀ firing its rockets and an American soldier taking out a StuG 40 Auf. G with his M1A1 Bazooka.

Next up, some screenshots of the Marder I.

The Panzer IV Ausf. H

And last, but certainly not least, the Tiger II!

And a wallpaper.

More screenshots of the Marder I, Panzer IV and Tiger II can be found on our forum.

That's all for now, but be sure to come back later for another update. Until then, feel free to visit our IRC channel and our public forums to discuss this update and other news.

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