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23.03.2011 21:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. Today's update is about Forgotten Honor's new FH1 tournament that is starting up. Here's what they had to say.

After numerous successful campaigns Forgotten Honor is proud to open it's 13th Forgotten Hope 1 Campaign: Holding the Front. This 16 week campaign will feature battles on the Eastern Front from 1941 to 1943. After Hitler had conquered and secured the western front, he thought it was time to move eastwards into Russia with Operation Barbarossa. Now it is up to you to decide the outcome of this operation! Will you aid the Third Reich in expanding to the east? Or will you assist the Red Army in defending their homeland from the German invaders? The choice is yours!

The campaign promises to offer explosive, fun, and engaging gameplay. Tactics and teamplay will reign supreme in the field of battle, with detailed organization, chains of command, and intense regiment-based warfare. Even the newest recruit has the opportunity to become a key part of their regiment by advancing through the ranks and earning medals for their accomplishments.

Play a unique experience for Forgotten Hope 0.7
The Holding the Front Campaign has just started.

  • Play a Forgotten Hope 1 campaign spanning 16 battles across the Eastern Front
  • Large scale battles every Saturday at 20:00 GMT
  • Teamwork oriented armies employing strategies and co-operation with promotions and rewards for your achievements
  • Custom maps produced by experienced mappers and tested extensively by the community to assure high level of playability
  • New friendships with like-minded people from all over the world
  • It is free, and everybody is welcome

Forgotten Honor is an international gaming community that has a great amount of experience in arranging online events for Forgotten Hope and many other games. Founded in 2004 by several gamers who wanted to organize "teamwork" emphasized battles for computer games, Forgotten Honor has been growing until becoming one of the leaders in online events market powered by gamers. Nowadays it hosts several tournaments and campaigns for different games, organizes multiple events, has its own modding development unit and is supported by an active community.

First battle at March 26, 2011 Click on the picture to sign up Get the chance to rewrite history!

That's all for this week, but be sure to come back next time for another update. Until then, feel free to visit our IRC channel and our public forums.

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