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20.02.2004 22:00 GMT

Welcome back everyone for another exiting update from the Forgotten Hope Mod team!

Despite our internal forum troubles slowing us down a bit we'd like to give out the release date for v0.6 of the Forgotten Hope Beta. The date is this Saturday March 6th!
A few things about the release, there will be two files you need to download, as with last time. This is not going to be a patch for any previous release, as so much has been implemented it will be a complete install.
First the main file, there will be two options for this file.

Forgotten Hope 0.6 Censored: This version features censored textures to make our mod compliant with German law. Thus it removes swastikas and other Nazi linked images from all textures used in the mod. It will be fully compatible with the uncensored version.

Forgotten Hope 0.6 Uncensored: This version contains all of those textures that are removed due to German Law

You choose one of those files to download based on your taste or law code, then the next file you'll need is the Map install, which will carry Forgotten Hopes large list of Custom Maps. The dedicated server file for this release should be out sometime on Friday March 5th so servers can get set up for the release as soon as possible!

For sure everyone is welcome to back up the download to DVD! Here's a look at the cover art for that release to beautify your CD/DVD shelf.

And the last bit of news for today is that Forgotten Hope 0.6 will be features on German television. Between 22:00 and 00:00 hours German time, AceS, Towbee, and Flüstertüte will be showing off 0.6 on Monday March 1st. So if you can tune into Giga Games be sure to do so tomorrow for a sneak preview of 0.6!

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19.02.2004 22:00 GMT

That's right, this is the end of the road to 0.6 series of updates. The reason? Because within the next 4-10 days we will be posting a release date for Forgotten Hope 0.6. We're currently awaiting the upload of the current internal to the play server, then we have to make sure that's all set. The only thing that would push us to the end of those 4-10 days is the fact that our compiler has had to take time off. We pondered waiting the 3 weeks until he returned to release but decided that we want to get this out as soon as possible, so we're going to cover for him and get this sucker out to you very very soon.

And now onto some hard core ingame screen shots

The first set of 9 shots comes from Gold Beach, which was one of the British sectors during Operation Overloard, one of our featured custom maps for 0.6




The second shot of 9 shots we have comes from the redone Crete map, this was featured in 0.5 but has been overworked to a great degree, thanks to all the fans who gave their input on this map, it's you guys who gave me the inspiration to do some more great things with it.




And back by popular demand, the tractor is now INGAME! Some of you guys saw these shots in our message boards, but we'd like to spread the joy.



That's it for this week everyone, but keep an eye out this week or early next week for the official release date announcement. One week after that announcement the mod will be released on E-Donkey and tons of other mirrors as well. Discuss This News In The Forgotten Hope Public Forums

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18.02.2004 22:00 GMT

It's that time again folks! First we'd like to inform you a bit about the progress of 0.6, currently we're working with version 0.58 internally which means were very close to a release. We're having some stability issues and some other bugs to work out, plus polishing off some things to do. We're currently in the process of debating possible release dates so once we have something solid we'll let you all know, so be sure to check back soonish, it's not going to be much longer till you have your hands on this sweet version of Forgotten Hope!

And now for some more progress renders.

First up is the reskinned Sdkfz222 mobile anti-aircraft truck with three different skins done by AceS and Toxikneedle.

Also a new toy for the Japense forces, the 25mm dual barreled anti aircraft cannon you'll see on the Pacific maps, useful for taking down those pesky american bombers.

Rad's been busy this past week, unveiling two new projects for use in 0.6. First up are wrecks of African buildings for some nice ambience on those maps.

And finally a neat vehicle you'll be seeing on any map that has a farm on it, the McCormick Deering tractors, these should be a lot of fun to steal and transport yourself to the combat zone.

Discuss This News In The Forgotten Hope Public Forums

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17.02.2004 22:00 GMT

Welcome back everyone for yet another exiting update from the Forgotten Hope Team! I've just updated the downloads section to make it easier for people to find the right files to install for 0.5F and added a bunch of high speed mirrors, if you aren't patched up yet or couldn't figure out the installation now's your chance.

And now onto the fun part of todays update, revealing some more progress!

First up is the completed Japanese pilot helmet for the new pilot class to be introduced in 0.6.

And speaking of the pilot class I think it's time to address some concerns we've been hearing from the fanbase and explain what exactly this means for all you fly boys out there. This pilot class does not mean that only people with the pilot kit can jump into an airplane, anybody can still jump into any vehicle they want to, this is one of the things that makes battlefield such a kick ass game, and we would never want to do that. What this does mean however is that parachutes have been disable on all kits except specialty kits. Pilot kits are placed near airplanes on the runways and on maps which require paradrops (such as Market Garden and Crete) you can spawn as a paratrooper class which gives you your standard equipment and a parachute to cause some airborne havoc! This feature of Forgotten Hope was introduced in order to kill one of those long hated tactics inherihent to the game, and that's using fighers and bombers for quick transport to capture points. This feature has been well tested by our in house team of Beta Testers and has been quite effective in producing a new dynammic to the mod.

Next up for today is the redone Panzerfaust 30 and Panzerfaust 100, two different single use anti-tank weapons used by the Germans throughout the war.

And last but definately not least is for all of you naval commanders out there. Today we reveal the finished German Schnellboote, done by Messiah and AceS, three skins for this beauty and you'll see it on many of our naval maps.

That's all for today, but be sure to stop on by later on in the week for more from the team. Discuss This News In The Forgotten Hope Public Forums

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16.02.2004 22:00 GMT

That's right folks, we're back again with some more good news. Today we finished fixing the mod after the Battlefield 1942 v1.6 patch. Not only that but this is a unified installation of Forgotten Hope! This patch fixes the scoreboard issue inherent to most mods due to the 1.6 patch and includes some other minor fixes. If you haven't had the chance to try out Forgotten Hope yet then now is the perfect opportunity to do so and get your input heard before we make the 0.6 release which is fast approaching.

These are the files that you need to get in order to run the mod:

forgottenhope05b_1of2_main.exe (mirrors)



forgottenhope_fan_maps_V1.exe (optional if you want to try out the fan made maps)

Here's the low down on the installation order, the other patches which you can find in the downloads section are no longer necessary and will be taken down shortly. All you need to do is get the 0.5b main file and the 0.5b map pack and install this latest patch and you're all set to go! If you already have 0.5e and would like your scoreboard back just install the patch over your current installtion, it's that easy.

Ok and now onto the mirrors for the Forgotten Hope V05B to 05F upgrade.

From Edonkey (from
Main File 1: ed2k://|file|ForgottenHope05B_1of2_main.exe |450493712|E848B1946F20972D38653D4E0C1FFD06|/
Main File 2: ed2k://|file|forgottenhope05b_2of2_maps.exe |86548844|B6AC1DCF1DA70AB3E6A034EA6B7FC87E|/
Fan Map Pack: ed2k://|file|forgottenhope_fan_maps_V1.exe |188528589|FDCF4218660873CBEE053548F51FBD02|/
Patch v0.5B to v0.5f: ed2k://|file|Forgotten_Hope_V05B_to_V05F_update.exe |128935262|88C40D4F0085A815F3A2BF828976C2D6|/

bit-torrent link (from

Common Download Links:

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Provided by BFworld

Well that's all for today ladies, but we'll be back again on friday for some more stunning updates. Be sure to stop by our public forums if you have any questions about the installtion at all here

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