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09.11.2007 20:00 GMT

A word from our friends over at the Forgotten Honor Tournament who have released their expansion mod for Forgotten Hope for Battlefield 1942.
"You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory. Victory at all costs - Victory in spite of all terrors - Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival."
-- Winston Churchill, May 13, 1940.

We are proud to present the Expansion pack to Forgotten Hope - The Forgotten Honor Mod.


In spite of how long and hard the road has been, making this mod, we have finally been able to release this expansion.

Forgotten Honor includes 25 new maps, new vehicles, new weapons and even a new country! (Holland) From the Blitzkrieg invasion of France, to the deep jungles of Burma this mod will take you to new battlefields, as we have highlighted some conflicts overlooked in most other WWII games.

The mod comes with a 50 pages field-manual that describes the various features, weapons and maps that the mod contains.

The online manual can be viewed here:

It is also included in the release pack.

Forgotten Honor was originally created for the tournament which its community created in 2004. It was early decided that the mod Forgotten Hope, with its tactical realism and massive loads of material would be the platform on which the campaigns in the tournament would run.

After six successful campaigns our community had grown so large that it was clear that Forgotten Honor would be creating an expansion to Forgotten Hope. This Mod is the result of three years of modding, mapping & gaming.

We would like to extend a thanks to those mods that have let us used their material as well:

Norwegian Resistance
Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons
Eve of Destruction
Battlefield 1918

To download this mod go to here or here.

Server is online here:

ForgottenSoldiers server in germany:

ForgottenHonor server in U.K.:

We hope you enjoy this expansion.

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