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26.10.2007 15:00 GMT

Sorry for being late with this announcement, but we hope there will still be some players joining up.

World at War (WaW) is kicking off a new campaign that pits Soviet forces against a British-American coalition in a fight for control of Europe. WaW is a tournament-style campaign game for Battlefield 1942 Forgotten Hope mod where players participate in a simulated war, complete with commanding officers, divisions, and strategy.

Special Features of Campaign XIV:
  • Hypothetical East vs. West conflicts brought to life
  • New custom tanks including the M26 Pershing and SU-85
  • New hand weapons such as the Soviet SKS and US M2 Carbine
  • Teamwork and advanced tactics in 11 hour battles on a 64 player server
  • Rise through the ranks, earn medals and command on the battlefield

To join simply visit and click on "Register to Play."
If you have any registration problems visit their forums and their staff will sort you out ASAP. We hope to see you on the battlefield soon.
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