Posted by: Eat Uranium
01.04.2024 11:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update.

As you might have noticed we have been rather quiet since the release of version 2.64 "Compagnons". Today we have a rather exciting announcement that should cast some light over what we have been working on.

As we were starting to finish up the last update, it occurred to us that we already have a lot of content that would fit into the Spanish Civil War, and with this seed planted we got to work. We are pleased to announce that we have gotten far enough that we are announcing our plans for the next major update to Forgotten Hope 2, which will be version:

¡No pasarán!

As you can see we already have tanks and aircraft that were provided to both the Nationalists and the Republicans by the Germans and Soviet Union, all beautifully retextured into the appropriate paint by Matt Baker, and while the playermodels are still in an early stage of development, we have at least started exploring options for authentic Spanish voice commands.

As you can probably guess, this is still in the early stages of development, and we have not forgotten about our other in-production work, which may or may not release before anything that you see today.

April Fools!

That's all for this week, but be sure to come back next time for another update. Until then, feel free to visit our Discord, our public forums, our Twitter, our subreddit, and/or Facebook pages to discuss this update and other news.

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