Great Britain

British Army - Normandy

The British Army played a major role in World War 2 and fought on many fronts from Europe to China.
The soldier seen here wears the uniform generally seen by soldiers serving on the Western Front.

British Army - Africa

The British soldiers in Africa were equipped with proper clothing for the harsh climatic conditions.
Soldier like the one seen here in short trousers and the sleeves pulled up were a common sight along the allied troops in Africa. The African front was also the birthplace of British special commando units like the famous Long Range Desert Group.

British Airborne

The first British airborne units were formed in 1940 at the request of Churchill, who was impressed by the success of German airborne operations in the Battle of France. The 1st Airborne Division was formed in 1941 and followed by the 6th in 1943. While the 1st Division fought in Italy and at Arhnem, it was the 6th Division that would land behind the beachheads on D-Day.
Perhaps the most visible difference between the airborne and the normal infantry was the Denison smock. This camouflaged jacket was intended to be worn over a parachutist's equipment to stop it snagging.