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What are we looking for?

Currently, the Forgotten Hope developer team is looking for additional:

  • Coders
  • Sound Effects Editors
  • 3D Artists (modeling and texturing) for either
    • statics
    • weapons
    • vehicles
    • characters
  • Mappers
  • Animators
If you want to work with us and think you are qualified in one of the areas above, we would definitely like to hear from you. Most likely, once you applied, we assign you a small project so we can get an idea of your capabilities.

What do you get?

Nothing, plus the opportunity to work in one of the top-ranking developer teams in the whole PC gaming community. You can strengthen you skills or learn new ones by working with a very active tester and dev team, where you get insight to the workflow of others and immediate feedback to your work along with help from experienced team members. You might also use your work for applying to schools and jobs, but this shouldn\'t be your main reason to work with us - do it for fun.

How do you apply?

You can apply via email preferably containing some examples of your work. Alternatively, just send a Private Message to one of the developers using the public forums.

If you want to help but don\'t feel qualified yet, you can have a look at the modding section in the public forums. There you might find some tutorials and advises from community members and devs, which will help you to get used to the development processes and tools.