• Forgotten Hope Tutorial: How to play FH

  • Forgotten Hope is a modification for Battlefield 1942 that concentrates on adding both a more realistic and more enjoyable playing experience than the original BF1942 and includes many new specially designed custom maps to play in.

    The mod includes over 250 new pieces of authentic equipment (more than any other Second World War FPS), with tanks such as the mighty Russian IS-2 heavy tank and the diminutive Japanese Ha-Go light tank, aircraft from the rugged American P47 Thunderbolt to the antiquated British Fairey Swordfish biplane, warships such as the British Ark Royal aircraft carrier and the German Battleship Tirpitz and weapons including the powerful German Panzerfausts and the fearsome Russian PPSh-41 submachine gun.

    New gameplay elements include a pilot class, which is now the only class equipped with a parachute, these can be found as pickup kits near most aircraft. There are also kits that contain deployable heavy machine guns, which can be setup anywhere on the map to create defensive strongpoints. Tank combat is greatly enhanced by a specially designed armour code, which determines how much armour anti-tank shells can penetrate, making it advantageous to outflank tanks to attack their weak rear armour. There are also towed anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns, these can be driven to a hidden ambush point then deployed to surprise the enemy.

    The infantry class system has also been altered for more realistic and tactical gameplay, most maps will now allow you to choose from close quarters (an SMG armed soldier), assault (a rifleman who can use special rifle grenades), support (armed with a light machine gun), anti-tank (armed with an anti-tank weapon such as the bazooka) and officer (who can act as a spotter for artillery weapons and has an SMG). Sniper kits can now only be found spread around the maps, usually in special sniper hides. There are also paratrooper kits for certain maps that call for them, such as falschrimjager for the invasion of Crete.

    All these features are implemented in a historically accurate way, so you won’t find the King Tiger on a map set in 1940. Speaking of maps, we also have many new custom maps (more maps than came with BF9142 infact) in addition to modified versions of some of the more popular original maps. The game also includes a new army, the Polish forces, and the French and Italian armies are also currently being implemented. In the future you can expect a host of new features, such as artillery batteries and flame based weapons along with even more accurate equipment for all armies.

    So whether you like house to house fighting in Stalingrad, tank battles in the Tunisian desert or dogfights in skies over southern England – Forgotten Hope has something for you.

    For further information you might have a look into the manual.
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